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CHIDI is a lifestyle apparel brand with a very powerful message – GOD EXISTS.. 

Most consumers think of fashion as a form of self-expression—a way to generate social media impressions and attract attention.  But CHIDI is more than a fashion brand; it’s a movement grounded in faith, art, truth, and black culture.


CHIDI was founded by artist and entrepreneur Henry Art Smith.  After praying to God for artistic inspiration and direction, he saw the word CHIDI. It stands for “God Exists” in Igbo, the official language of an African tribe based in Nigeria.


CHIDI originally took shape as a painting of an alluring African woman of the same name.  She was then printed onto the first CHIDI t-shirt, and it quickly became clear—CHIDI’s power could not be denied.


Every piece of CHIDI apparel, from t-shirts and snapbacks to dresses and sweatsuits, represents the strength and spirituality of our African ancestors.  On the surface, each design offers a sleek, modern take on affordable streetwear. But looking beyond the aesthetics, a deeper mission is revealed.


CHIDI represents the black community’s fight for respect and recognition; it’s a movement that aims to uplift the entire culture, with a heightened focus on black women.


In addition to a steadily growing base of dedicated supporters, CHIDI has been endorsed by the likes of singer J. Holiday, New York Giants wide receiver coach Adam Henry, and pro boxer Quantis Graves to name a few.


This is an inclusive movement that grows stronger with every new piece.  By wearing CHIDI you are joining a society of kings and queens committed to embracing their roots and embodying the truth.


Will you join us?

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